Herbal Healing Salve

Herbal Healing Salve

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Handcrafted in small batches is TLB's blend of natural oils, butters, and powerful herbs for minor cuts, scrapes, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, burns, insect bites and more.  

How to Use:

Massage small amount on affected area.  Re-apply as needed.

NOTE:  We recommend a skin patch test before using this product.  Ingredients could contain allergens.  

Size: 2oz - Screw top tin (silver)


Beeswax, organic coconut oil. unrefined shea butter, calendula and comfrey infused jojoba oil, vitamin E,  essential oils. (lavender, tea tree, frankincense, helichrysum)

THIS PRODUCT WILL MELT IF EXPOSED TO TEMPERATURES ABOVE 76 DEGREES.  Will solidify when cooled and won't affect the ingredients.  Store in a dry cool place out of direct sunlight. 

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